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Hand beaded Waist Beads

Hand beaded Waist Beads

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I love waist beads!Not only do they make you feel extemely feminine, but they can add in tracking your weight loss and add the element of a all natural stone such as Lapis Luzuli for courage and communication ,or Howlite for clear thinking and unity , and you are practicing another level of selfcare!Its the small intention setters that really make the diffrence! Of course it does not hurt if they are beautiful and natural and make you feel like the mother of feminity. I found that putting the waist beads on is a instant boost to my sensual and feminine energy. Worn with my bathing suit or as a secret under clothes they make me feel sexy and beautiful yes they do! I also put them on my wrist ,ankles , and neck for that bohemian charm. A womans fiminity is her power, try the beautiful experience of waist beads and raise the pure feminine vibration in you!


    40 inch waist beads , natural and plastic beads ,elastic,various colors, made in Africa.


    Sorry we do not do refunds or returns sorry! But I would love to hear from you if you have any problems and see if I can make it right!


    I will automaticallyt add $5 to ship this product in the United States , shipping waist beads outside of the united states is up to you if you really like and need them , you may want to look locally , Shipping can be $20 or more for such a small package, but ill be happy to do it !

  • I like to change it up!

    You will recieve the actually item in the picture. So in general there is only one of each item. I like to change it up so check back often and see whats new!

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