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Learning how to perform Affirmations and Affirmative Flow by Reiki Master Shani Michelle

Updated: Feb 21

Hello Fellow humans.

If you know me you know I've always been a prayer. I enjoy prayer . I have to admit tho that at times it would almost be begging, hoping ,sometimes whining even. Sometimes it sounded like I didn't even think it was going to happen myself. That is until I really understood the art of affirmation. I was introduced to affirmations some years back . I was working a second job and a coworker told me to listen to a recording from social media to help clear my head. I wasn't a Reiki Practitioner at this time and I was nervous about anything that didnt say Jesus in it, I was also in need of something more , I felt like my prayers weren't being answered. I started listening to the affirmations and I found that it felt good , almost like a good prayer. " I draw abundance, I am heading to success, I am whole, healed, and protected".The only difference was the normal begging words like ima try, If you, please,and Im begging you Jesus were changed to I am , I will ,and I can . I fell in love with it .

As I dug deeper over time even the use of God and Christ in affirmations started popping up more and more. Thats when I realized that affirmations can be personalized and the true power level of this expressive art was revealed to me. Affirmations brought excitement to the word manifestation . Especially in the affirmations of the 1920's. Florence Scoval Shinns affirmation " I now lay my burdens on the Christ within and I go free" sounds like a Psalm. Feels like one too. What they called the new thought leaders in the 1920"s like Florence Scoval Shinn and Neville Goddard had a way of affirming scripture that reminded you of the feeling of the words, your capabilities, and the general knowledge that God gives us all to thrive. It felt more alive and moving forward.I guess the principle that I was taught as a Christian "have a mustard seed of faith"really applies in the case of affirmations.

As a Reiki practitioner, affirmations are a huge part of the healing process to me. I often affirm clients desires during sessions. If I can find a way to connect what they want ,with the love of God I will affirmate on it., All desires besides death or destruction in some way fall in line with Gods noble works and creativity. I speak some out loud and assist the client in speaking them over themselves,but honestly I affirmate more for them in my head and heart. I stand on my confidence they give me. If they want it I want it for them too, and I know its possible. I study many books and writings, I really love to read, from the Bible to the Law of one. I can usually speak a affirmation flow that pulls devine connective energy that clients and I can individually feel, based on there current state.

Not everyone that comes to me is down and out or lost ,some people just need to know they can do this or need peace of mind ,and peace and confidence in there actions. So generalness is the name of the game with affirmations, not deciding whats next , but allowing your desires to manifest in the best possible way for you, based on whats possible . Honestly the possibilities are endless.Two people can repeat the same affirmation, ones heart thinking about one thing, and the others heart thinking of something else. Nevertheless the affirmation can apply. Some thing as simple as " I am abundant" will make the rich man or the poor man smile. Its universal language. Affirmations are really about what is ,not so much about what isn't ,what was or you hope will be. Positive Affirmations are just that, affirmation of something positive about you or in your life , the good news of prayers answered and dreams come true ,reassurance of religious writings and positive feelings in your current and present state.

The truth is you can affirmate whole heartedly and the only prayer you know is "Now I lay me down to sleep". You can always talk nice to yourself , and about your situation. Everyone no matter what religon you are or lack there of , affirmations can fit in.Personally The art of prayer and the art of affirmation are the same type of commuinication to me , in two different ways. Neither of which are wrong , both of which are needed for me to live a happy life.

Start by Affirmating on personal struggles.

The best and easiest way to start self affirmation is by changing the first words of your sentence to , I am, I will , or I can. This changes the narrative from asking to confirming and adds a confidence to the statement. Since affirmations are about you it also adds a confidence to you, to what you are speaking. They often help you feel in control of things instead of just being at the will of negativity or "people matter". If you dont believe , you are, you can, or you will ,who else will? Faith without action is death, affirmations help us also affirm our faith thru a affirmation flow, building momentum for whats to come. Now I want to be clear that if you are a praying person , what ever your faith or religion please pray. My more religious readers can use affirmations after prayer to acert the blessing done and prayer answered. For those of you who caution away from religion or prayer but still communicate with your higher self , affirmations are a beautiful way to communicate with the light with in , with all that you are and all that you a capable of . Positive self talk is a complement to your creator and your self. Anyone from anywhere can use it!In this next segment we will practice and show how affirmations flow and how you can connect them with your religious practices. Affirmations bring the light, invokes the holy spirit, makes your Kudalani rise, and balances your Chi.

The Affirmation flow

Now we are going to practice our Affirmation flow and see how prayer can work with affirmation and how strongly they stand on there own. Here are three prayers following those prayers I will write two affirmations. I will write a "simplest flow" and a "Advancing flow" version of the affirmations. Theres no wrong way to do it . The goal is it is done, I have it, its happening now. Dont worry I started the same way it was worth it . Ok so lets see how this works!

Prayer : Dear God I need some money, Im broke, everything is about to be turned off, I need food, I need clothes , Please help me Amen.

Simplest Affirmation: I am abundant, I am prosperous, and have all that I need

Advancing Affirmation Flow: I Dwell in abundance , every need met, I lack nothing, for I am under the covering of the light within ,I lay my burdens down , I collect my cash flow and I go free,this day, and so it is.

Prayer: Dear God I am sick, my body is full of pain, I am so tired of this im ready to give up , please help me Amen.

Simplest Affirmation: I am healed ,whole and complete.

Advanceing Affirmation: I am full of the light, it regenerates me , every cell in my body is in the right place at the right time doing the right thing., I am the body electric made perfectly in image, I am granted oil for my lamp ,I am healed whole and complete as I continue my march towards greatness ,under grace ,in the most perfect way , and so it is.

Prayer: Dear God I am lonely. I want love . Someone to love me for real and not hurt me . I have experienced so much trauma ,My heart is growing cold and I am tired please help me , Amen.

Simplest Affirmation: My heart is whole healed and complete, it is filled with light and love, I am free of worry, I expect good things.

Advancing Affirmation: Love is the most powerful chemical in the universe, it flows through my life in a never ending stream, my heart is repaired and complete, my heart vibrates with love energy and only the matching vibration returns. My past is left behind, I flourish in the beautiful now. I love myself as God loves me , he supplies miracle upon miracle, and wonders that never cease .God leads me to the noble desires of my heart ,protected under grace, in the most perfect way , and so it is.

Shanis Affirmation tip:

Amen means "as it will be" and is very comforting, but many times I replace or add "and so it is" during affirmations. Showing belief , and faithful determination in the hope complete and present.

These are just simple examples of how affirmations works . Love , sickness and finances are usual prayer topics for most people .Im sure you noticed that affirmations are sure and confident .Affirmations can turn any hope into a statement of resilience and abundance, and thats the beauty of it . Things yet seen , made manifest by your choice of words and voiced determination. You have to admit affirmation feels real good . In the beginning dont worry about your wording you will be given words as you go along , and you will notice you are quickly turning from the simplest of affirmationist to a advanced Affirmationist knowing just what words really get you going . Words that really put you in a place of receiving blessings and or manifestion. Fake it till you make it is all good when it comes to affirmations . It's ok to believe them , that's where faith turns to action! Believing in yourself is hard work, Affirming things makes it easier. The mystics know this , and it is universal medicine that works!

Affirmate with Pride!

In general learning how to boost yourself mentally is what it is all about. How to be your biggest cheerleader and how to truly connect with who you think God is and how you have heard it all works and truly relates to you . I hear some really cool ones on the internet " I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am happy , I am wise" Aye! The affirmations with music can set the tone for any day. We really dont know how it all works do we ? So do what is noble and feels good. Affirmate all positive and dispel any negative thoughts. If you feel like your stuck , or prayers are not being answered, start affirmation. Meditation with affirmations in the morning should help out. Because your not stuck and your prayers were answered , you just have to believe it in order to take action and be able to see it done. Be your own hype man. I personally pray every morning and say several affirmations in my prayers as well as throughout my morning meditation and in some cases throughout my day!

Learning new ways to advance your faith practices and renew yourself are very important. As we all are honestly looking for the answers. We want to know how to have the happiest and most fulfilling life for us. With all the answers still being unknown you have to go with the gut , and affirmations make the gut feel good! So tomorrow morning give your hopes and prayers some simple affirmations and see how different it feels. Its great that you have choose to ask for help or direction, but its awesome to believe its coming or here. It holds a attracting power and value.

I have included a pretty long affirmation flow that came to me recently in my morning meditation. Please keep in mind my affirmations are expressions of my needs , wants and hopes as a holistic practitioner . They express faith in my personal life and based on my religious beliefs. As well as Ive been affirmating for myself for a while now. My personal affirmations are a soup of all that I have learned thru life experience, prayer, Christianity, and world wide spiritual and holistic practices. My affirmation truly shows how I feel and what I think , and is a usual occurrence for me at this point. It is honest. It is confirmation to me that my spiritual practices are aligned in my life, my affirmative rants truly come from my soul. I happened to be on the computer journaling and actually typed it down which is very rare. So ill share it! Feel free to break it apart , write verses down, use it as inspiration , change the wording or repeat it as is if it speaks to you as a whole. I hope you live life in flow , expecting the wonderfully unexpected, I hope you act on Karma and generate good things for yourself, knowing prayers are being answered and appearances fade. Every single thing in the universe , working to bring you your own. Until we speak again , may my love guide you and Gods light lead the way! Happy affirmating people let me know if you need me ,stay happy! All my Love Master Shani

Affirmation Flow from the heart of Reiki Master Shani Michelle Feb/2023

May God rain all supreme this day. Gods grace and mercy resonates thru every cell and touches every soul. Prosperity governs me and my cash flows like a stream, ever moving , never ceasing. Bigger and faster it flows. Love rains and God rules. My light shines bright this day . Oh God , my rock and my redeemer. I call on the 1 power, the mighty God. I am one, with the one. My family stands in the shadow of your light. You have placed me in a world of easy and love. Always in my right place ,at the right time, doing the right thing . I pass it easily to all around me . I am surrounded by your blessings and smiling faces. As you have made me the creator of worlds. All praises, Oh Mighty God . I am created in your likeness, all of my mistakes are forgiven. All channels for my good are free, all abundant doors open. Debts are paid , positive bonds are rekindled ,and initiated ,and I am in the essence of my greater good. My light radiates this day, and touches those that need touching. As Jesus, the healer is my teacher and God is my rock.For God has granted me the moonshine when I am sleep, and the sunshine when I am awake so I may grow and flourish in greatness. The mountains under the earth radiate there good and original intention all over me today. I have forgiven, and forgotten , my faith is renewed this day. My health is illuminated in your light, every cell replenished , every color repaired . The birds sing loudly this morning, in gratitude , and drown out the noise. I sing with them , and the waves and the wind. I find quiet and listen for your voice this day. I have love abundance, because thats who you are . I hear the world sing of Gods love , in many different voices initating the light and flow. Now I follow thru , under grace , in the most perfect way. Faith without action is death. I have the seed of faith, and the body electric, I happily preform the march of life. I do not tire, I do not fold. Let the meditation of my heart and the determination of my spirit be acceptable in your sight, Oh Mighty God. I love myself as you love me. I love others as I love myself. I see you in the ocean , the planets , the sun. I know we are made from the same. I feel you with every breath. You are , and I am. Gold showers God brings me. Let your love rain, today , tomorrow and forever more. I now lay all my burdens on the Christ within , and I go free . All my love to you God , and the worlds you created. Miracles upon miracles and wonders that never cease. You protect my heart. And so it is . Amen Shani