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The New Healer

Welcome Healers,Dreamers, and Nice Guys

Hello and welcome! I am Shani, a certified Reiki Master and Meditation coach! You are not here by chance. You have stepped into a world of peace and wholeness. From the Healer to the empath, the curious, and the kindhearted, I serve as a kind and loving soul. I always have been. I see the world in bright and vivid color. I love tea, and have a real passion for the herbalism of dried flower tea. I use every product I make and drink every tea, simply because I love it , I use Reiki and universal holistic practices daily, they have truly changed my life.

I enjoy helping others step  out of what you know and into a place of peaceful thinking, manifestation, creativity, and new connections with God. I love Christian metaphysics. Bridging religious faith with universal self-healing practices I've mastered peace in the name of God, the art of "Active Faith or Flow" practices that serve you in everyday life, practices of mindful-based stress reduction in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Any positive religious practice can benefit from learning your Chakras and how they relate to you spiritually and your general being. How to meditate, balance and ground, letting go of heaver feelings and functioning in flow. No more living in the past, no more anxiety for what's to come, just functioning in flow, being balanced in your right now.


Remembering that every flower, stone, drop of water, star, bird, worm, planet, and YOU were created perfectly by God. Remembering the perfect intention for you and letting go of pain or energy blocks that you have taken on. Yes, you are an energy machine it needs maintenance. It truly is the key to happiness. Seems far off to you? Nah, not really. You just start. and I have some great things on my site to help you along the way, information, healing products, services, and networking. For my healers and empaths, you make up about 60% of my client base. My nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, teachers, hairdressers, Reiki Masters, Yogis, religious beacons, kind hearts, curious hearts, hurting hearts, and anyone that wants more happiness in their life or to maintain peace. I have tons of love for you, and you have much love for me! My job is simple, perfect expression, so you can have i. To continue to learn , grow , heal and share. I love it its my passion and I plan to continue to expand myself as big as I can go , creating more wonderful things to share.  In the meantime, my hope and dream for us all is higher vibrations. I'm here to help you the whole way. Welcome to Shanis Suns Soul Medicine and I am so glad you came!

"And it comes to us, under grace, in the most divine and positive way." ~Shani Michelle

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