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Group Sessions and Events with Shani


Shani loves Community and vendor events!

Hello! Welcome and thanks for stopping by to check me out! Out of all the things I do I love teaching classes and vendor events the best. Yes I love giving Reiki also but the class setting is so fulfilling to me . I also get the same feeling when I am a vendor . I get to create beautiful environments for the beautiful things I love . I get to interact with the people and talk love stuff lol Positivity , healing, smiles and restoration. I truly love to teach the holistic therapies I have learned and the methods I use to take care of my mental, spiritual and physical  health.

So far I have done classes from 1 on 1s to classes of 50! Learning to relax and balance holistically is fun , different and well needed for most people . I would love to teach , host or bring a creative meditative exercise  to your next event or meeting. No event to small, none to large. Whether you want your group to learn meditative ways or would like Shanis Suns products vendored at your event I would love to hear about it!

I am in Myrtle beach South Carolina. I am more than willing to travel as far as Columbia in state. I also frequent Atlanta, Georgia and Houston , Texas. I currently ship internationally!

So drop me a line and let me know what group,volunteer, or vendor event you are thinking about and how Shanis Suns can add to your creative idea!

Ill speak with you soon , Lots of love and Light! Reiki Master Shani Michelle

Tell me about your event!

Shanis Suns Soul Medicine

Bishopville, South Carolina

Feel free to text me- 678-886-4447

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